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King's Throne: Game of Conquest is a mobile game full of different heroes and maidens to level up and invest in to grow your kingdom. This site is a comprehensive guide for the game: we provide detailed information about the heroes and maidens including their skills, quality, paragons, skins, upgrade requirements, and stories.

In addition, there are guides on various events and mechanics in the game, from blacksmith calculators to beasts.

Start your game by spending resources and time in the best heroes and maidens and discover their detailed information and comparisons by type.

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For the best heroes of each type, ranked by quality, skills and paragon in King's Throne:

Heroes are the main contributor to your kingdom power as well as how you do in Tourney and campaigns in King's Throne. Investing in the right heroes and investing well is necessary to maximize your kingdom power.

Maidens are companions to heroes in King's Throne that greatly boosts each heroes' attributes and potential. Not all maidens are created equal and different maidens have different skills to help their hero.