King's Throne Guide - Maiden Shamhat

Summary of Shamhat in King's Throne

Shamhat is a maiden in King's Throne, Game of Conquest, and bonds with Gilgamesh as her hero. You can acquire Shamhat through events in King's Throne.

Shamhat starts with 300 charm.

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Image of Maiden Shamhat in King's Throne

Shamhat's Skills in King's Throne

Shamhat has 7 skills that increases attributes for Gilgamesh. Her skills are Steadfast Bravery I, Steadfast Bravery II, Helping Hand, Gourmands Palate, Masterful Bartering, Courageous Resolve and Endearing Passion.

Shamhat has three military, one inspiration, one provisions, and one fortune skills. Shamhat also has one skill that improves all attributes.

To activate all of Shamhat's skills, you will need to level up intimacy to 200.

Shamhat's skills are listed below:

  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Steadfast Bravery I - Military
    +150 / level - activates at 10 intimacy
  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Steadfast Bravery II - Military
    +200 / level - activates at 20 intimacy
  • Image of Inspiration Icon in King's Throne Helping Hand - Inspiration
    +0.5% / level - activates at 50 intimacy
  • Image of Provisions Icon in King's Throne Gourmands Palate - Provisions
    +0.5% / level - activates at 100 intimacy
  • Image of Fortune Icon in King's Throne Masterful Bartering - Fortune
    +0.5% / level - activates at 150 intimacy
  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Courageous Resolve - Military
    +0.5% / level - activates at 200 intimacy
  • Image of All Attributes Icon in King's Throne Endearing Passion - All Attributes
    +0.2% / level - activated by skin

Shamhat's Skins in King's Throne

Shamhat has one available skin in King's Throne: Immortal Quest.

  • Immortal Quest - Receive Shamhats Legendary Skin Immortal Quest permanently. Earn 1500 intimacy after activation, as well as the new Endearing Passion maiden skill.

Story of Shamhat in King's Throne

"Shamhat, a renowned enchantress, was tasked with taming the wild Enkidu by Gilgamesh. Through her enduring love and guidance, she succeeded in civilizing Enkidu and introduced him to the complexities of human society. Enkidu embraced this world and pledged his unwavering loyalty. Shamhat was pleased with the balance restored and her role in influencing Enkidu to become a faithful comrade for the king. But sadly, her happiness would be short-lived. Enemies of the kingdom hated their successful partnership, leading to a wicked plot to poison Enkidu and causing him to fall deathly ill. Witnessing Gilgamesh’s devastation, Shamhat bestowed her strength and wisdom, informing him of an ancient cure and inspiring him to seek out the legendary potion of immortality. Though Enkidu's fate hung in the balance, Shamhat's wisdom guided them towards a possible saving grace."