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King's Throne Guide To Manuscripts And Quality

Detailed list of all manuscripts and how they can best used to increase quality

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Quality and Manuscripts in King's Throne

In the King's Throne mobile game, quality is probably the most important aspect of a hero's power.

Quality of your heroes affects not only their power and your kingdom power, but also how they perform in Tourney and many events in King's Throne.

The most common way to increase the quality of your hero is using manuscripts, and there are a total of 9 manuscript items in King's Throne to increase the quality of your heroes. Below is a full list of manuscript items with how to acquire them, as well as their relative value.

image of military manuscript and details in king's throne
Military manuscript and details - the most valuable type of manuscript

Different Types of Manuscript Items

Any item to increase your quality is considered a relatively high value item. However, some manuscript items are valued higher than others.

For example, 4 manuscript pages can be combined to form a manuscript cache. This means that that pages is worth roughly 1/4 of a manuscript cache. When purchasing manuscript items in events and shops, it's good to keep this ratio in mind.

Another type of manuscripts are the Quality Manuscript, Superior Quality Manuscript and Undeciphered Quality Manuscripts. The superior quality manuscript gives twice as much quality (100) as a normal one (50), so it's worth roughly twice as much.

The Undeciphered Quality Manuscript is the only quality item to give a random amount of quality, and experiments have shown that when used it is large batches, it more often rewards more higher quality gains. The tip is to save a large stack of undeciphered manuscripts and use them together to increase the chances of increasing one of your heroes quality by 1000.

The Undeciphered Quality Manuscript, when used in large batches, rewards an average of around 70-100 quality points per manuscript. This makes it just a little less valuable than the Superior Quality Manuscript. The manuscript cache, when used, will result in either a Military, Fortune, Provisions or Inspiration manuscript.

Finally, among each of the four types of manuscripts, military manuscripts is the most sought after. This is because many of the events in King's Throne is based around military strength of your heroes.

Effectively Manuscripts to Upgrade Hero Quality

There are a few strategies on how to use the four different kinds of manuscripts to upgrade hero quality:

  • Only use the type of manuscript that also aligns with the hero type. For example, use military manuscripts for military heroes, and provisions manuscripts for provisions heroes. This is because the paragon and type bonuses of the hero is maximized by those specific type gains in quality attributes.
  • Save stack of quality manuscripts to use together, in bundles of 16 or 20. King's Throne item stacks often reward more for chance encounters than when used individually. For example, a military manuscript on a 7 star skill says it's only 14% chance to upgrade that skill. Experiments have proven this to be false when using a stack of 16, or 20, showing the conversion rate to be much higher, around 18-20%.
  • Use quality manuscripts on skills that are 5 stars or above. This is because stacks of manuscripts results in higher than average gains in quality for high star skills. Essentially you would be wasting the higher overall quality gains of a 5, 6, 7, or 8 star skill if you used your quality manuscripts on lower star skills.
  • Use quality scrolls to upgrade lower star skills on your strongest heroes. Some heroes are among the very best in their type, like Proctor for military. You should maximize all the lower star military skills on that hero by using quality scrolls or untyped quality manuscripts.

How to Acquire Manuscripts in King's Throne

image of quality manuscript items in the battle shop in king's throne
Manuscript items in the Battle Shop in King's Throne

As one of the more valuable items in King's Throne, manuscripts can be found in many places, but mostly from events and ranking high on event leaderboards.

There is an easier way to consistently get manuscripts: the battle shop. As long as you hit the daily boss at the harbor and do decent damage, you should be able to acquire at least a couple manuscript caches every day.

With that said, the best way to acquire many manuscripts is to consistently rank in all leaderboard events. Heavy spenders in King's Throne tend to dominate in the top 3 or top 5 spots, but as long as you rank in the top 20, the rewards usually consist of a small handful of quality related items.

image of quality manuscript rewards in event rankings in king's throne
Quality manuscript as ranking event rewards for 1st and 2nd place in King's Throne

List of All Available Tomes in Kings Throne

  1. 1. Military Manuscript

    Image of Military Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: Used to upgrade Military Quality skills
    Value: 5000
    Source: Event rewards
  2. 2. Fortune Manuscript

    Image of Fortune Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: Used to upgrade Fortune Quality skills
    Value: 5000
    Source: Event rewards
  3. 3. Provisions Manuscript

    Image of Provisions Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: Used to upgrade Provisions Quality skills
    Value: 5000
    Source: Event rewards
  4. 4. Inspiration Manuscript

    Image of Inspiration Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: Used to upgrade Inspiration Quality skills
    Value: 5000
    Source: Event rewards
  5. 5. Manuscript Cache

    Image of Manuscript Cache in King's Throne
    Description: Get 1 quality manuscript at random
    Value: 5000
    Source: Dungeon, Campaign Boss, VIP Rewards, Event Rewards
  6. 6. Quality Manuscript

    Image of Quality Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: Get 50 Quality Skill Exp.
    Value: 125
    Source: Alliance, Dungeon, Achievements, Daily login, Event rewards
  7. 7. Undeciphered Quality Manuscript

    Image of Undeciphered Quality Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: get 5-1000 Quality Skill Exp.
    Value: 175
    Source: Event rewards
  8. 8. Superior Quality Manuscript

    Image of Superior Quality Manuscript in King's Throne
    Description: Get 100 Quality Skill Exp.
    Value: 250
    Source: Event rewards
  9. 9. Manuscript Page

    Image of Manuscript Page in King's Throne
    Description: Used to fabricate manuscript cache
    Value: 125
    Source: Feast hall shop