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Welcome to our comprehensive guide repository for King's Throne!

Whether you're a seasoned ruler or a novice seeking to ascend the throne, this website is your ultimate resource for mastering the art of governance, strategic decision-making, and building a formidable empire.

Our collection of meticulously crafted written guides provides invaluable tips and how-tos for the mobile game. It includes guides from beasts, zodiac heroes, hero and maiden lists, quality, castle skins and more.

King's Throne VIP Level Guide

Comprehensive guide to the VIP system in king's throne

King's Throne Zodiac Heroes Guide

Detailed guide and analysis of the twelve Zodiac or Constellation heroes in King's Throne, Game of Conquest

King's Throne Enhance vs. Paragon - Heroes Guide

Detailed analysis of how and when to enhance versus paragon your heroes King's Throne

King's Throne Castle Renovations Guide

Comprehensive list and guide for castle renovations and their rewards in King's Throne

King's Throne Titles Guide

Guide for all obtainable titles in King's Throne in the Hall of Fame

King's Throne All Prisoners and Rewards

All prisoners in King's Throne, along with their rewards and drop chances

King's Throne Artifact Blacksmith Weapons Guide + Calculator

Guide on all weapon artifacts in the Blacksmith Handbook and a calculator for their upgrade requirements

King's Throne Beasts Guide

Detailed list and guide for all the beasts in King's Throne in the Menagerie

King's Throne Tomes and Hero Power Guide

Guide to using tomes for hero and kingdom power, and where to get all available tomes in King's Throne

King's Throne Guide to Manuscripts and Quality

Detailed list of all manuscripts and how they can best used to increase quality

King's Throne Ultimate Guide to the Main Campaign + Quests

Ultimate guide and detailed list of each location in the main campaign in King's Throne

King's Throne Beast Attribute Calculator

Calculator for each of the beasts in King's throne for individual and overall attribute power

King's Throne Guide to Children and Marriages

Comprehensive guide to having children, raising them and marriage in King's Throne

King's Throne Exile Heroes Guide

How and why to exile heroes in King's Throne

King's Throne Gameplay Guide

Comprehensive guide to gameplay in King's Throne