King's Throne Guide - Maiden Delphi

Summary of Delphi in King's Throne

Delphi is a maiden in King's Throne, Game of Conquest, and bonds with Midas as her hero. You can acquire Delphi through events in King's Throne.

Delphi starts with 300 charm.

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Image of Maiden Delphi in King's Throne

Delphi's Skills in King's Throne

Delphi has 7 skills that increases attributes for Midas. Her skills are Frugal Outlook I, Frugal Outlook II, Helping Hand, Gourmands Palate, Courageous Resolve, Masterful Bartering and Golden Prophecy.

Delphi has three fortune, one inspiration, one provisions, and one military skills. Delphi also has one skill that improves all attributes.

To activate all of Delphi's skills, you will need to level up intimacy to 200.

Delphi's skills are listed below:

  • Image of Fortune Icon in King's Throne Frugal Outlook I - Fortune
    +150 / level - activates at 10 intimacy
  • Image of Fortune Icon in King's Throne Frugal Outlook II - Fortune
    +200 / level - activates at 20 intimacy
  • Image of Inspiration Icon in King's Throne Helping Hand - Inspiration
    +0.5% / level - activates at 50 intimacy
  • Image of Provisions Icon in King's Throne Gourmands Palate - Provisions
    +0.5% / level - activates at 100 intimacy
  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Courageous Resolve - Military
    +0.5% / level - activates at 150 intimacy
  • Image of Fortune Icon in King's Throne Masterful Bartering - Fortune
    +0.5% / level - activates at 200 intimacy
  • Image of All Attributes Icon in King's Throne Golden Prophecy - All Attributes
    +0.2% / level - activated by skin

Delphi's Skins in King's Throne

Delphi has one available skin in King's Throne: Golden Touch.

  • Golden Touch - Receive Delphis Legendary Skin Golden Touch permanently. Earn 1500 intimacy after activation, as well as the new Golden Prophecy maiden skill.

Story of Delphi in King's Throne

"Delphi had lived a life of great mystery and power. She was an oracle and high priestess believed to be gifted with the ability to communicate with higher powers. As an agent of cosmic consciousness, she could see far into the future and what was set to come. One day, Delphi foresaw a great king who would be filled with avarice — a greed that would lead his kingdom down a path of destruction and peril. Knowing that she must act quickly in order to reverse this fate and restore balance to the cosmos, Delphi became determined to teach this king a lesson he would not soon forget. Using her powers, Delphi granted the king’s desire of turning everything into gold at a single touch — but only so that he might learn from his errors in judgment."