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King's Throne Gameplay Guide

Comprehensive guide to gameplay in King's Throne

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Introduction to King's Throne Gameplay

King's Throne: Game of Conquest is a mobile game that focuses on empire management, strategic planning, and courtly interactions. Players can train powerful heroes, court beautiful maidens, and grow a dynasty.

The game also involves resource management, alliance building, completing quests and engaging in battles. King's Throne provides a low-key and asynchronous experience in the empire management genre, making it worth a try for those looking for a different kind of mobile strategy game.

king's throne gameplay guide - main city
King's Throne gameplay guide - main city

Game Core Loop of King's Throne

The core loop of King's Throne is logging into the game throughout the day to participate in events or quests and claim rewards to strengthen your kingdom.

Your kingdom consists of a dozen locations each with their mini-games or tasks that requires daily interaction. For example, you can raise kids, collect levies, punish prisoners, attend feasts and make progress on the main campaign by dispatching heroes to fight.

king's throne gameplay - mini games and features in game
King's Throne Gameplay - mini games and features in game

Some events are available for a limited time, and other events rotate in and out every month or couple of months. The rewards for participation ranges from new heroes, items to strength heroes and resources to expand your kingdom.

The majority of the events and quests can be done at any time in the day, which gives the player flexibility on when to participate. The exception is the server bosses, for which there is a set time twice a day, and lasts two hours each.

Strengthening your kingdom is mainly unlocking and growing heroes and their corresponding maidens. King's Throne is a long game, where the small amounts of daily rewards add up make a huge difference in the longer term.

Most decisions require some degree of timing and min-maxing resources and items, from deciding which heroes to invest in, and when/how to spend items.

king's throne gameplay - rotating limited events
King's Throne Gameplay - rotating limited time events

Main Objectives of King's Throne

There are several objectives in King's Throne, the most important is to raise your kingdom power to be competitive at Tourney grounds and events.

Gain Kingdom Power (KP)

Earning kingdom power is a crucial objective in the game, as it determines success in battles and overall progress. This involves strategically upgrading heroes, and having + marrying off high quality children.

KP allows you to place in leaderboards, be eligible for better alliances and even give you advantages in events like Battlefield.

king's throne gameplay - kingdom power and getting stronger
King's Throne Gameplay - kingdom power and getting stronger

Strength Heroes and Maidens

Heroes are the top factor to gaining kingdom power. You can increase the hero's level, use training tomes, apply quality manuscripts and upgrade hero equipment.

Strong heroes will excel at the tourney grounds, help win against alliance battles, help you in the main quest and make you overall more competitive on your server.

To maximize hero power, it's also important to focus on the right heroes and invest in a few heroes at a time. Resources are limited and having several very strong heroes is more impactful and higher kingdom power than a full team of mediocre heroes.

king's throne gameplay - legendary heroes
King's Throne Gameplay - legendary heroes

Quest and Events Participation

Progressing through the main quest is essential for overall advancement in the game. Completing quests earns instant rewards and contributes to the growth of the kingdom.

Engaging in various in-game events is almost necessary for growth, as they provide opportunities to earn exclusive heroes and high value rewards.

Events and event rewards are the predominant way to recruit new high-value heroes outside of pay-to-play.

king's throne gameplay - main campaign
King's Throne Gameplay - main campaign

Strategy and Tips

There are various events and things to do at any given time in the game, and daily participation in quests and events will net you many rewards and resources you can use to grow your heroes and kingdom. Missing a day often breaks chained rewards.

In the mid or late game, most interactions take at most a few minutes, and can be done asynchronously, so you don't have to participate at a specific time, but it's important to login and complete the game loop at least once a day.

In this section, we've compiled a list of tips to follow in King's Throne.

Complete the Daily & Weekly Quests

Completing the list of daily and weekly quests net you really good rewards. For example for daily quests, this is 200 gems, soldiers, gold and gunpowder.

king's throne gameplay - weekly quest rewards
King's Throne Gameplay - weekly quest rewards

Completing the weekly quests will net you a full set of emerald ring, scepter and sword. These are high level items that help level up your heroes to level 300.

In addition, the daily quests include a to-do list of things you should check in with in your kingdom, which is a good way to not forget doing a task throughout the day.

king's throne gameplay - daily quests
King's Throne Gameplay - daily quests

Participate in all Events

The red banner on the right side of King's Throne has a list of all limited time events. They range from server and cross server challenges, king's pass to ongoing events.

In ongoing events are some of the best rewards in King's Throne, which participation over a 3 day or 7 day period can net you event currency you can use to redeem at the end of the event.

For example, the Wave of Love is a recurrent event where new hero and maiden skins are launched, as well as hero fragments and quality manuscripts to upgrade your heroes.

For server and cross server challenges, there are progression rewards for a given score threshold, as well as ranking rewards for being in the top 100.

Because event rewards vary drastically in terms of value, it's important to research the rewards of a given event to see if it's worth the effort (and gems) to invest in. You want to maximize your scores and placement in events that would be most beneficial for the growth of your heroes and maidens.

king's throne gameplay - event progression rewards
King's Throne Gameplay - event progression rewards

Collect Castle Skins/Renovations

There are over dozens of castle skins or renovations in King's Throne. Each gives a continuous, passive reward either daily or weekly.

Once you acquire the permanent version of the skin, these skins will keep giving allowing you to stock up massive piles of gems, manuscripts and other items. You will have to claim it daily or weekly in the castle renovations interface.

Level up Kingdom Early

In addition to kingdom power in King's Throne, there's also the Kingdom Level, which is important to level up in early and mid game.

Leveling up the kingdom unlocks new interactions and features of the game, as well as allow you to gain more passive council experience, which in turn, can be used to increase the quality skills of your heroes.

Kingdom level also unlocks a new look for your avatar, but is most useful in enabling kingdom features early game and council experience late game.

king's throne gameplay - kingdom level
King's Throne Gameplay - kingdom level

Marry off your Offspring

In King's Throne, you can court your maidens to produce offspring which have variable attributes depending on the intimacy of your relationship.

Offspring contribute to your kingdom power, so it's best to have high intimacy with a maiden to produce more powerful offspring. Intimacy is the only attribute that matters in the outcome of your children.

A child can be raised each day to eventually grow into a male or female adult. Adult children can be married with other player's children in the server. Upon marriage, both you and the in-laws get a kingdom power boost equivalent to the offspring's power.

Several interactions in the game depend on in-laws, including visiting your in-laws each day to get a small KP increase. Some events also depend on your children, such as Alchemy, where you can send gifts to in-laws. Limited time quests also have rewards based on how many quality children you raise, and how many marriages you can arrange.

king's throne gameplay - Children and Marriage
King's Throne Gameplay - children and marriage

Join an Active Alliance

An active and powerful alliance is necessary for you to be competitive in King's Throne. Early servers usually have a couple of competitive alliances, and mid game or end game servers usually only have one alliance that's ranks high in events.

Top alliances usually have Kingdom Power (KP) requirements, so it helps to be as powerful as you can as early as possible before you submit an application for high level alliance.

There are many events which have an alliance component or are alliance based. For example, alliance tourney score and alliance championships require the entire alliance to work together to take down other servers and alliances. Ranking highly rewards very well.

In addition, other events often have an alliance component as well as an individual component, meaning a larger active alliance often fairs much better. Alliance ranking rewards are also very common in such events.

king's throne gameplay - alliance ranking rewards for an event
King's Throne Gameplay - alliance ranking rewards for an event

Horde Free Gems for Events

King's Thone is a resource management game, and hording gems is one very important aspect to being competitive in events. Each day should net you at least 500-1000 gems just by being active in daily quests and interactions.

king's throne gameplay - daily rewards for completing quests
King's Throne Gameplay - daily rewards for completing quests, including 200 daily gems

It's wise to have a small stockpile of gems so you can put those to work during events with the best reward. For example, most primary events have a "limited offer" section for you to spend gems to gain an advantage over the competition.

There is often one or two packages that are very valuable in the limited offer section, or very high value items for gems. It's helpful to do a cost analysis of how much value you are getting per package, relative to gems spent.

Optimizing on package purchases for limited offers are critical to ranking high in an event without breaking the bank.

In addition, common events often offer the opportunity to spend gems to make further progress, like Picnic or King's Pass. Sometimes it only costs a few hundred gems to boost you up 10 ranks or get a particular reward you need. Having that extra gem on hand before an event ends can make a big difference.

king's throne gameplay - wave of love daily event offers
King's Throne Gameplay - wave of love daily event offers

In the offers for the event pictured above, we see that first package offers 1 heart card for just under 288 gems, whereas the last one offers 4 heart cards for 2688. This means 672 on average for 1 heart card.

If we wanted to optimize the event for maximum heart cards, we should focus on the packages that have it for best value first.

King's Throne Detailed Guides

At King's Throne Guide, we have a variety of guides for mastering the different aspects and events in the game.

King's Throne Gameplay Conclusion

In conclusion, the gameplay experience in King's Throne offers a mix of strategic decision-making, character management, and interactive events and minigames.

From the dynamics of raising children and joinging alliances to the strategic calculations involved in exiling heroes or harnessing the power of beasts, players are challenged to make choices that grow the strength their kingdom.

With its blend of resource management, campaign progression, and quest fulfillment, King's Throne delivers a lower commitment mobile gaming experience that keeps players engaged for months on end.