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King's Throne Guide To Children And Marriages

Comprehensive guide to having children, raising them and marriage in King's Throne

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In the mobile game King's Throne, raising children involves various gameplay elements. This guide helps you understand the mechanics of raising children as well as maximize the rewards and benefits in the game.

Visiting Maidens

As players visit their maidens, they earn experience points that can be utilized to enhance the bond skills between maidens and heroes.

Additionally, there is a chance of having a child during these visits, with the likelihood of successful conception being higher when using paid visits.

Paid maiden visits, using a Theater Ticket, gems or viewing advertisements, guarantee a 100% chance of having a child as long as there is room in the nursery (Children's Chambers).

image of paid visits in maiden visits in King's Throne
Paid visits from maidens in King's Throne

Players have the option to purchase paid maiden visits using gems, with the gem cost being calculated based on the maiden intimacy multiplied by 10.

However, there is a maximum limit of 800 gems per visit, ensuring that the feature remains balanced and not overly reliant on in-app purchases.

image of raising children help info in King's Throne
Raising children help info in King's Throne

Children Potential

When a child is born in the game, they are assigned a potential level that determines their abilities and strengths. This potential level is influenced by the mother's intimacy level. However, it's important to note that the potential level is not a constant value and can vary based on other factors within the game.

The starting attributes of a child in King's Throne are influenced by the mother's intimacy level. The higher the intimacy level, the more impactful the starting attribute of the child becomes.

Moreover, the game introduces a leveling system for children, requiring a certain number of levels to be raised. The more levels it takes to raise a child, the higher the potential end attribute they will possess.

The potential levels assigned to children in King's Throne span across different tiers. These tiers reflect the child's innate capabilities and potential growth. The levels include:

  1. Ordinary Potential (10 children levels)
  2. Great Potential (20 children levels)
  3. Extraordinary Potential (30 children levels)
  4. Remarkable Potential (40 children levels)
  5. Maximum Potential (50 children levels)

These tiers provide a sense of progression and diversity among children, creating a dynamic experience for players as they strive to raise and develop their offspring in the game.

image of royal quarters in King's Throne
Royal quarters in King's Throne

Raising Children in King's Throne

Upon completing the process of raising a child, they are assigned an adult aptitude level that further defines their abilities and potential.

Once again, the intimacy level of the mother plays a role in determining this aptitude level.

The aptitude levels in King's Throne range from weakest to strongest and include:

  1. Feeble-minded
  2. Disappointing
  3. Mediocre
  4. Intelligent
  5. Scholarly
  6. Masterful
  7. Enlightened

These levels create a hierarchy of strength and competence among the children, adding depth and variety to the gameplay experience.

Adult Children and Marriage

Once a child's aptitude is determined, players have the option to arrange marriages between their child and another player's child of the same aptitude.

This marriage grants attribute bonuses from both children, enhancing their abilities and attributes. This aspect adds depth to the gameplay, encouraging players to strategically match their children for optimal benefits.

image of proposal request in King's Throne arrange marriages
Proposal request in King's Throne arrange marriages

Proposals and Dowry

To get married, for each child, the player needs to pay a dowry in the form of gems or a dowry ring. The kind of dowry ring needed depends on the final aptitude of the child. See below for a list of dowry rings and which children they enable marriages.

In King's Throne, if a child is married but has not been claimed or if a specific proposal request is sent, the woman associated with that child will be seen standing outside the Royal Quarters. This visual cue serves as an indicator for players, notifying them of pending marriage proposals or unclaimed children.

image of proposal request with gems or dowry King's Throne arrange marriages
Proposal request with gems or dowry in King's Throne arrange marriages

Children and Kingdom Power

The attribute scores of children contribute to the player's Kingdom Power but not to any of the heroes. This additional kingdom power increases the resources you gain from levies in the game but does not have a significant impact on most other game functions.

Maxmizing Children and Their Attributes

Maximizing Number of Children

Players have the ability to expand their capacity for raising children by adding rooms to the Royal Quarters or Children's Chambers. These rooms can be obtained by spending gems at 5000 gems per room. The game allows a maximum of 10 rooms in Children's Chambers, enabling players to raise multiple children simultaneously.

To expedite the process of raising a child, players can utilize energy draughts. By consuming one energy draught, the number of times a child can be raised is fully recharged.

The number of times a child can be raised per energy draught consumed depends on the player's VIP level. This feature adds convenience and flexibility for players.

image of available rooms in King's Throne children chambers
Available rooms in King's Throne children chambers

Maximizing Children Attributes

Upon a child's birth, their attributes receive a percentage boost based on the player's placement in the Consort Titles. This boost is not retroactive, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a high-ranking position in the Consort Titles to maximize the potential of newborn children.

Additionally, players can enhance their children's attributes by assigning maidens with specific titles suggested by the Consort Titles pyramid. These maiden title buffs can contribute up to a 10% increase in children's attributes.

Raising Children Event and Rewards

Additionally, the game features a monthly limited quest related to raising children, which lasts for three days and coincides with the Raise Children challenge. This limited quest provides additional opportunities and rewards for players engaging in the child-raising aspect of the game.

Other Mechanics of Raising Children in King's Throne

Maximizing Kingdom Power with Marriages and Children

It does matter who you choose as the spouse of your children. You get the KP from your child's spouse and the other player gets your KP. Many alliances send their best children to alliance mates to give them a KP boost.

When to Raise Children in King's Throne

There's no downside to waiting to raise a child after birth. However, there is a daily quest for raising children. This daily quest can usually be complete with just one child actively being raised. Bulk raising children during events maximizes the rewards for children in King's Throne.

Can I raise children using batch maiden visits?

No. Only individual random visits or paid visits can yield children.

Events where Raising Children Matter

Children KP will be useful in events that don't rely on individual heros attribute. These events include:
  • Levy based Lord challenges
  • Raise children event
  • Alliance KP event
image of diamond dowry King's Throne arrange marriages
Diamond dowry ring King's Throne arrange marriages

List of Dowry Rings in King's Throne

  1. 1. Silver Dowry

    Description: Necessary item for Feeble-minded, Disappointing and Mediocre children when they get married
  2. 2. Gold Dowry

    Description: Necessary item for Intelligent and Scholarly children when they get married
  3. 3. Diamond Dowry

    Description: Necessary item for Masterful and Enlightened children when they get married