King's Throne Guide - Maiden Calypso

Summary of Calypso in King's Throne

Calypso is a maiden in King's Throne, Game of Conquest, and bonds with Atlas as her hero. You can acquire Calypso through events in King's Throne.

Calypso starts with 300 charm.

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Image of Maiden Calypso in King's Throne

Calypso's Skills in King's Throne

Calypso has 7 skills that increases attributes for Atlas. Her skills are Culinary Talent I, Culinary Talent II, Courageous Resolve, Masterful Bartering, Helping Hand, Gourmands Palate and Oceanic Oracle.

Calypso has three military, one fortune, one inspiration, and one provisions skills. Calypso also has one skill that improves all attributes.

To activate all of Calypso's skills, you will need to level up intimacy to 200.

Calypso's skills are listed below:

  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Culinary Talent I - Military
    +150 / level - activates at 10 intimacy
  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Culinary Talent II - Military
    +200 / level - activates at 20 intimacy
  • Image of Military Icon in King's Throne Courageous Resolve - Military
    +0.5% / level - activates at 50 intimacy
  • Image of Fortune Icon in King's Throne Masterful Bartering - Fortune
    +0.5% / level - activates at 100 intimacy
  • Image of Inspiration Icon in King's Throne Helping Hand - Inspiration
    +0.5% / level - activates at 150 intimacy
  • Image of Provisions Icon in King's Throne Gourmands Palate - Provisions
    +0.5% / level - activates at 200 intimacy
  • Image of All Attributes Icon in King's Throne Oceanic Oracle - All Attributes
    +0.2% / level - activated by skin

Calypso's Skins in King's Throne

Calypso has one available skin in King's Throne: Crimson Tide.

  • Crimson Tide - Receive Calypsos Legendary Skin Crimson Tide permanently. Earn 1500 intimacy after activation, as well as the new Oceanic Oracle maiden skill.

Story of Calypso in King's Throne

"Calypso, daughter of King Atlas and princess of the affluent Atlantean empire, was also known for her impressive sorcery. Though many envied her, she yearned for freedom from the shackles of monarchy and to live her own life as a fearless witch of the sea. She made the decision one day to seek help from a dangerous witch that her father had banished years ago. Unwittingly, she provided her with all she needed to cast a spell that would possess horrific Titans to wage war upon the kingdom that turned its back on her. As she witnessed the terrible havoc, she knew there was no choice but to fight alongside her father in an effort to save what remained of their home. Though she was naive, her courage and cunning showed her true worth, traits that would soon be useful when facing the challenges still ahead."